Thumbusters Stop Thumb Sucking Now

Does your child need help breaking their thumb sucking habit?

Thumbusters stop thumbsucking deviceThumbusters is a glove-like device which is worn on the thumb and easily attaches around the wrist.

Thumbusters is recommended for children ages 4-12 who want to stop sucking their thumb but need a little reminder at difficult times such as bedtime, while watching T.V. or even at school.

One size thumb guard fits all, and fits on the left and right thumbs!

Thumbuster guards are $12.95 each and come in blue, pink and green colors. Choose your color below and click “Buy Now”! Quantities can be adjusted in the shopping cart.

Blue Thumbuster
Thumbusters – Blue
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Pink Thumbuster
Thumbusters – Pink
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Green Thumbuster
Thumbusters – Green
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Each Thumbusters comes with a fun progress chart so that you and your child can track their positive results.

Blue Thumbuster Thumbuster Chart

Empower your child to overcome thumbsucking today!

Thumbusters has been sold on Ebay for 10 years!