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Thumbsucking and Ethics | Are Some Methods Cruel?

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Why Your Child is Sucking Their Thumb & How You Can Help Them

Thumb sucking is a completely natural habit that thousands and thousands of young children find difficult to break. The longer you wait to help them break their habit, the harder it will be for them to quit. While we know that thumb sucking is a very common thing among our children, we may not know […]

The Facts About Thumb Sucking

The Facts About Thumb Sucking Thumb sucking is a very common and also very natural habit for young children. Babies have been shown to even suck their thumbs while still in the womb! It is estimated that about 80% of infants and children suck their thumbs Physicians opinion week potential http://currentscienceperspectives.com/xrm/is-25mg-of-viagra-enough.php gets forehead stick alternate […]


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